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Shiv Narayan jeweler endorses the perfection and splendid in you. We offer you what you deserve and what imitates the real essence of your grandeur. Our refined blend of traditional values coupled with the modern outlook made us what we truly are and what beholds our name.



The jewellery with great breath of expertise and styles


At Shiv Narayan we aim to bring the jewellery which is not just a product, but rather, a manifestation of our refined artistry and craftsmanship, this is why we are a brand that has the distinct honor of being coveted by Indian women. So, we design the jewellery that enhances the delicacy of feminine beauty and the celebratory moments of special occasions in the life of the Indian woman.


As India’s one of the top jeweler exporters, we understand and know the varied needs of every Indian bride and thus we want to provide the finest of our skills and material to them to feel the pleasure of royalty. Shiv Narayan jewelers’ envisions to spread and enlarge their empire with the ability of best deliverance of enticing jewellery across the globe. As India’s leading wedding jeweller, we understand the varied needs of every regional bride and that has stood as our inspiration behind creating special wedding collections catering to every community across India.


Quality is the crown jewel at Shiv Narayan. From the craftsmen and designers, to the creations and the retailers, we deliver the highest level of quality checks while the manufacturing to ensure the unparalleled perfection in our jewellery. Deep rooted in our ethical beliefs and principles, Shiv Narayan will never waver from the promises of purity, superior creations and to delight every worker and customer equally.

It’s the Narayan’s seductive spell of fascinating designs

Our presence says it all!

Indian jewellery, its craftsmanship and assortment is one of the finest showcases of India’s heritage, culture and diversity. With a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, Shiv Narayan offers an array of traditional and modernized jewellery designs varied metals.

Our prefect eye for the best makes our global presence an inevitable thing. Inspired by the trust we have earned across Indian markets, we later become accessible in the international markets in a no big time. However, the expansion is never stoppable and Narayan’s enticing works are always luring into new markets across the world.

The moments of celebratory zeal